2nd June 2012 0:00
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Omg Kendall

lol but kendall why

16th May 2012 13:19
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15th May 2012 23:12
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better with u tour

12th May 2012 1:07
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I feel like James is the only person that gets excited for Fox Photo Friday
5th May 2012 14:23
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can we all just take a minute to appreciate logan’s voice in intermission

I feel like a really old btr fan because when James tweeted like “what am I doing today? Figure It Out ;)” I immediately knew he was talking about the show Figure It Out from like the late 90’s but all his at replies were fans taking it seriously and trying to figure out what he was doing because they’re too young to know the show

3rd May 2012 13:28
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1st May 2012 17:44

i wasn’t prepared to come home to 498590438 new pictures of btr shirtless at the beach okay that’s why there is tears

29th April 2012 0:26
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Oh my god and now Logan has joined in on the picture posting I’m going to kms

Is Carlos actually trying to kill us with these pictures or